Weekend Update

So, I had a whole series planned last week, but I never had time or motivation to finish them. Job Searching is mentally and emotionally exhausting. However! I believe everything is looking up! I had a first interview with a HUGE place on Friday that I never thought I would be called in for in the first place. First interview was at 11am, I left at 12. Called back at 5:15pm to schedule second interview for Monday! My first second interview!

The pay sucks. SUCKS! BUT since it is a huge non-profit, the benefits are astounding!

Here are a few:
Domestic Partner Benefits
Transit Chek
Life Insurance
Tuition Reimbursement
and 430(B) Plan (non-profit version of 401(K))

I'll probably have to get a part-time job, too.

I'll tell everyone what place it is if I get the job, of course. Here are some hints:

The name is usually shortened into it's acronym.
It is in midtown.
I love going.
I pass the Lever House (my favorite building) on my walk from the 6.

On another note, I was bitten by a COCKROACH last night IN BED! Under normal circumstances (or not so normal lately) I tend to like being bit and doing some biting, same gender and species ONLY. I never thought cockroaches could bite, but I was awoken by a twinge of pain on the back of my knee. I jumped up, swatted whatever the culprit was away from me, jumped out of bed and turned on the lights to see the Voldemort of Cockroaches in my bed.


That bitch enjoyed a bleach whirlpool bath in my toilet a few minutes later.

It took me a while longer to get back to sleep.

Again, I am dumbfounded. I am from Florida where the Giant Cockroaches are many and I have never heard of anyone ever getting bit.

I have a mark.


Anonymous said...

A pigeon kicked my ass once in Battery Park when I was six. i should have warned you about the native wildlife. . .


Emily said...

I love the fact that you used the illegal death curse on a cockroach. You are awesome.