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I never realized how much I identified with the South until the past few days. Even though South Florida is not stereotypically southern, I do come from a long southern lineage and there is an oral history that I am familiar with and take comfort in.

I feel in place here. I am not out of sorts. But there is a something that I am missing and something I am taking pride in. And it is purely Southern.

Not Southern in the Confederate Flag-waving kind of sense. But Southern in knowing how grits are prepared and should taste.

I'm from the Dirty, Dirty and I'm proud of it.

I was talking about the change of seasons with my new friend Chris (also hailing from the south), last night. I began to mention the intense blue of the sky in late December and January that occurs in South Florida and I could feel that happiness rising in me, the same happiness when I am under that sky. It is a subtle change, but one that I know and love.

Other things I am beginning to miss is the smell of crisp clean air after rain storms, and that odd stillness after hurricanes with only wind blowing through the sabel palms and pines to announce to everyone that it is time for a moment of silence and to recollect our fortunes.

My fortune and I have moved to 467 Grand Street, Brooklyn and I am very happy about that. I look forward to learning the subtle that comes before or after the obvious. I am looking forward to knowing much more about my surroundings and to know the map of this city like I know the map of home. I am looking forward to seeing, finding, searching, exploring, feeling, smelling, and knowing this city with those I am already blessed in knowing and those I will be blessed to come to know.

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