Street Conversations

From an early morning visit to a middle eastern counterstore for a bottle of coke on 43rd St. and 3rd Ave.

As I walk in to grab my coke, a professionally dressed lady has just selected a yogurt and proceeds past me to get in line. I grab my Coke and am right behind her.

Both clerks are Middle Eastern Women.

The clerk scans the yogurt and says "$1.75"
Yogurt Lady, shocked says "No...." Then irrately repeats "No! No! No!"

The two clerks look at each other, the lady, then me. I smile.

Yogurt Lady continues "No! It is $1.25 everywhere else."
"We don't make the prices, they are given to us." One of the clerks says.
"No! I am not paying that for that. No! It is $1.25 everywhere else." Yogurt Lady demands.
Clerk 2 without a breath dismisses Yogurt Lady, "Then go everywhere else!"

The Yogurt Lady leaves. The second clerk looks over at the first and smiles, then looks at me and smiles. I am grinning from ear to ear and I hand them my Coke.

The second clerk bags my soda and mocks the Yogurt Lady, "It is only $1.25 everywhere else!" as the first clerk says "$1.50."

I pay. "Have a wonderful morning, ladies."
Clerk and Clerk 2 in unison respond "Have a good morning!"

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Bewareoftheblog said...

Welcome to New York. That's what I love about the city. Almost as good as the bitchy lady who insisted not to toast her French Dip sub at Quiznos, and NO sauce. That was my personal favorite.