Sleep Disorders Vol. 1

Last night, I was awoken abruptly from a sound sleep by an upset friend. Extremely upset. I was disoriented, answered my cell automatically, almost as if were happening in a dream:

My friend sobbing on the other line, No "Hello, How are you?" It takes me a few seconds for my mind to catch up with my body. I am re-collecting myself, but feel panicked and violated, like someone has just rushed into my room and jarred me awake.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: Feelings immediately come back to me regarding another abrupt late night wake-up when my father died. My mother did come bursting into the room that night, sobbing, screaming, a painful wail that I'll never forget. One feels as if they jump up, full body from the bed, arms and legs extended in all directions to protect yourself from something or someone.

Who is this? Is someone dead, I think. Who is hurt? My heartbeating fast. I try to remain calm and calm my friend down so I can understand what she is saying.

A few months ago, while visiting home during a school break my brother woke me up early morning, 4AM-ish, by bursting open the door and yelling, "James, I think someone is in the yard." He also hit my foot. I jumped again and started swinging my fists before I realized who was there and what they said.

He wasn't close enough to get hit.

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