Moisture In The Air

It is hot in my bedroom. I am obsessing over several things. I can't sleep.

I keep thinking of several questions I have been asked in the last few days.

Question One (1): What Five (5) CDs would I choose for a roadtrip?

Currently, I would choose:

1. Ryan Adams/Cold Roses (I can't get enough)
2. Andrew Bird/The Mysterious Production of Eggs (catchy tunes and it makes me feel smart)
3. Belle & Sebastian/If You Are Feeling Sinister (sentimental all time favorite)
4. Danger Mouse & Jay-Z/The Grey Album (the best of both worlds with classic Beatles samples topped with instant classic rhymes by "the best rapper alive")
5. The Original Broadway Cast Recording of RENT (2 hours of drive time fly by belting out these tunes. Can you handle being in the car with me?)

Question Two (2): I am planning a dinner party for eight. What seven (7) guests, alive or dead and excluding friends and relatives, would I invite?

Here is what I answered:

1. Ghandi
2. Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.
3. Mother Theresa
4. Rev. Al Sharpton
5. Bill Clinton
6. Hillary Clinton
7. Jay-Z

I'm thinking of other things besides these questions:

Hurricane Dennis and its effects on my Mother and her house, if any (There is no answer on the cell or home line.)
Air Conditioning
The East River

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