The Challah-day Weekend

Sunday: Target: Gays and Beer

Katie and I voyaged to Target in Brooklyn Heights which is very much akin to the Upper West Side in terms of building scale and character.

We did nothing else all day and by the time 9:00pm rolled around, I was exhausted and getting ready for bed even though there were plans to go out.

Jessica calls and says that the plans are to go the Metropolitan, which is the gay bar right here in Williamsburg. So, now, I couldn’t refuse and as I had been reading reviews of it online just prior to Jessica’s call, I didn’t. It is only 3 blocks from my house.

What a great bar. It reminded me of chill bars in South Florida with back patios and small, intimate nooks seemingly planned out for small groups of five or six. We were there from about 11:30pm to 4:00am when it closed and by then we were rather loud and obnoxious.

Greatest Discovery of the Weekend: Brooklyn Lager. It is the best beer I have ever tasted, very bitter. I am not a beer fan, either, but this could very well make me one.

Monday: Williamsburg to Morningside Heights and Back

Over to Jessica’s Apartment in Morningside Heights (read Harlem) on the Upper, Upper West Side of Manhattan, Katie and I ventured, for a rooftop July 4th cookout. Good friends and good food!

Circa evening, the group returned to the ‘Burg for rooftop festivities and fireworks viewing with Chipper’s Visiting Boyfriend (not “Visiting” as in he doesn’t live here, but “Visiting” in terms of the academe system of Professorship: Visiting, Assistant, Associate, Tenured, and Emeritus).

We got to walk home and scour the garbage for furniture...but we didn't find anything.

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