South Central

Last night, I drove 5 hours from Gainesville to Milton, Florida. For those of you who have never heard, it is near Pensacola, Florida. To further your geography lesson, please see a map of the United States. Locate Florida. Go to the panhandle. The Panhandle is the entire part holding Florida onto the rest of the country. See tip of the panhandle on the Gulf of Mexico coast that touches Alabama. Milton is in there somewhere.

It is the Central Time Zone here. I left Gainesville at 9:30pm and arrived here at 1:30am (2:30am for real people still in Eastern). The good part was that sleeping till 11 this morning only meant I slept til 10.

My sojourn here is step 3 of my move to New York City. Step 1 was graduate. Step 2 was pack (I'll spare you all those uncool details). Step 3: Move to my mother's (who moved here only 3 months ago)and sell my car.

As soon as my car is sold, I am buying a plane ticket and moving back to the Eastern Time Zone. See You Soon.

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