Hopping the Bay

Pensacola Bay is the body of water jutting in from the Gulf of Mexico that seperates Santa Rosa County from Escambia County. Milton is in Santa Rosa, Pensacola in Escambia.

Santa Rosa County is a "damp" county. This means that it is slightly wetter than a "dry" county but definitely not considered a "wet" county. Personally, I am used to "soaked" counties.

The bars and restaurants in Santa Rosa only serve beer and you can only purchase beer in the various stores and on Sundays, only after 2:00 PM (Central Time). Escambia has no alcohol restrictions, and therefore on the other side of the bay on US HWY 90 is a large package store which can commonly be seen at county line's with alcohol prohibitions on one side and none on the other.

The issue is hot topic fodder for the papers and is on the ballot frequently.

Personally, I didn't think dry, or damp counties for that matter, still existed. Alas, my mother up and moves to one.

There are political groups that have formed for each end of the spectrum.

The dry county people say it is a moral issue (read Christian)and that the number of cases of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, DUIs, and drunken accident fatalities. I say the people having deformed babies, bad driving recordsm and killing people while drunk is happening more because they all drive to another county, get drunk, and then drive back. The FAS babies are conceived because there is more chance for sex, on the way to and fro.

The wet county advocates say the county is losing tax revenue (read money) and that upscale restaurants are not moving to the area due to not being able to serve liquor. I say this comes down to convenience. When I want alcohol, I want to be able to go a few blocks and get it, package store or "upscale" restaurant. I don't want to be driving twenty minutes over a bay with a bridge that was recently taken out by Hurricane Ivan (it is now, partially, a temporary metal replacement) to get to Pensacola for my local Carrabba's or Olive Garden.

In a few weeks, I will be back in a city where I can buy liquor anytime I want and have as many deformed children as I can pop out (which is none, because I am a man - but I am sure if I had enough money [and alcohol] I could.

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Kiddo78 said...

I didn't know such things still existed. It's fascinating - and horrifying - at the same time. Note to Self: If moving to FL, make sure I move to "soaked" county.