A Bad Day To Move

My Wednesday started at 5:00 AM in Lake City, FL. Woke up, got ready. My brother drove me, with his kids, along to the airport in Orlando.

Three Hours Away...

We arrived at Orlando International Airport around 9:00 AM and I checked my bags at curbside. The guy overlooked my overweight baggage and I tipped him a 5 for saving me like 80. I panicked when I couldn't find my drivers license and luckily I had packed my passport in my carry-on bag.

I proceeded through security and then to the gate. United flight 1552 departing for Dulles in Washington DC with a connecting flight to La Guardia at 2:35.

Delay #1 came. The plane is having mechanical difficulties and has not left DC.
Delay #2. No new information; the ticket agents are rather unhelpful.

Another United flight to Dulles comes in and leaves. Something is wrong there, don't you think?

2:30 PM comes around and the flight has finally been cancelled. The ticket agent says that names will be called for re-routing purposes. My name is called first. I feel like the luckiest man in the airport.

Ticket Agent: You are going to La Guardia?
Me: Yes.
Ticket Agent: (looking at the computer, and mostly to herself): No, we can't get you on a 2:50, here is one at 3:15. (Calls American) Do you have a seat on flight 1620? Yes? OK.

She gives me my new ticket-esque paper and sends me off to the American terminal. I ask about my bags. She says that I will have to make a claim with the American office at LGA when I arrive. No worries.

At the American Terminal I wait until the Ticket Agent arrives. They do and I approach to get my new boarding pass. The Ticket Agent asks why my flight was canceled and I reply: something about mechanical problems. To which she says: This flight may be delayed to.

"Well, as long as it shows up I will be happy."

Well, the plane was already there and time for boarding comes around and the flight is delayed to 5:30 PM. Apparantly bad weather in the Ohio Valley region has re-routed flights to the southeast.

Delay #2: 6:00pm
Delay #3: 6:30pm
Delay #4: 7:30pm
Delay #5: 8:15pm

We board at 8:15.

Delay #6: 9:00pm
Delay #7: 10:00pm

We begin to taxi at 10:15pm and take off. Arrival at LGA at 1:00am.

Baggage Claim at LGA is a sea of lost and delayed bags. I check Uniteds lot first. My bags are not there. I look around my American flights baggage carousol. Nothing. Then I go the the American office. The lady asks me to check the United sea again. So, I do, this time much more thoroughly. Nothing. I go back and proceed with my claim.

Leave: Taxi time. Long line. I am tired. Long, long line. At least an hour wait line. I am approached my one of the commando drivers. $49.00 to ride with some guys to Midtown and then to Bay Ridge. No. I get in line. I am approached again by the same guy. I cave.

I am staying with someone and keeping them awake every minute waiting up for me, so I take it.

4 gay men and an driver of western asian origin. The other 3 go to midtown and I get a nice driving tour of the city. Narrarated by me, in my head. Down 7th to Chinatown, across Canal to the Manhattan Bridge and in Brooklyn I am. The driver gets on the BQE and off to Bay Ridge we go.

I got to Rob's Apartment at 2:40AM. He went to bed, I took a shower and then retired myself.

Bags are not here yet. But I am. And I have an interview tomorrow...in jeans and a tshirt. God Bless NYC.


Kiddo78 said...

OMG - what a NIGHTMARE!! If it makes you feel any better, that would totally happen to me too. I'm glad you're there all safe and that your interview went well!! You couldn't borrow clothes from your friend??

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