Prayer, Because I Know You Read My Blog

As everyone in my life knows, I have been wanting to move to New York City since March 2004 and the plan has been that after graduation I would. So, graduation has come and gone and I am still in this terrible pit they pass off as a North Central Florida mecca of culture and shopping, Gainesville.

I have been job searching since mid-March and have now only begun to get responses from mediocre employers. 26K from an engineering firm in Manhattan! C'mon, people, how am I suppose to live on that in Manhattan when I couldn't live on that in South Florida before I moved to this pit.

In any case, I have opened up my search for a great entry level design job (or working of a non-profit, or in the arts, or executive/admin assistant, or in community development and renewal) to other great cities of our nation I could go back to where I came from: South Florida: Palm Beach or Broward, not-so-much Miami-Dade, but I am also looking in Atlanta and San Diego.

Pros and Cons

San Diego: Pro: I've never been to San Diego, but two friends from back home seperately said they had potential leads for me there. I hear it is nice, great weather, friendly people, etc. Con: It is clear across the country and I would be completely starting from scratch.

Atlanta: ATL, GA is a great southern city. It is very centrally convenient for my now spreadout family. My mom lives outside of Pensacola, FL. My brother's family are settling to Lake City (for the time being) and my sister's family is in Chattanooga, TN. (Just a brief side note: Tennessee is not on my docket). I have some wonderful friends in and around the city (my best, oldest and dearest friend, in fact). I also feel that tangible goals could be put in place here. Con: It is the biggest sprawling environment I have ever encountered in the United States

South Florida: It is where I am from. I am comfortable there. Anything I could possible want, I feel can be seen to fruition here. Those tangible goals are even more tangible here. I have some friends that have not (yet?) left and a great friend moving back. I have tons of professional/personal connections here. Con: Also sprawling, but I know where everything is and I love I-95.

New York City: It is the only place I have gone where I have felt comfortable from the time I stepped off the plane. It feels like home to me. Amazing friends are there or will be there. Great food, amazing urban spaces. Things happen in New York, and I feel like I could help make it happen. Cons: I don't see that I could create many tangible goals. I feel like I would just be "hanging out", especially with only 26K being thrown my way.

Where will I end up? Only God knows, now. Let's hope he fills me in soon.


Erik said...

all the critics love you in new york

Kiddo78 said...

I regret taking a job that was out of my field of study. Don't take something that doesn't relate to your degree. That's all I got. I've never been to NYC or SD, but I think Atlanta would be a possibility for me...