I Love Saturdays

Last Saturday, I went to the Erasure show at the House of Blues in Orlando. (About 1.5 to 2 hours aways, for those not in the know). The prior week before, I had been having tire trouble (i.e. a nail was in my tire and I kept having to fill it with air, finally taking it to be repaired.) I pick up Adam and we head to Orlando and get there in time to have dinner. After dinner, we walk out to the parking lot and my tire has half of the air in it of when we started in Gainesville. We drive to the Hess Gas Station in Downtown Disney and fill it with air and continue to the House of Blues where Adam and I meet up with Kristen and Angie.

Once we meet up, we decide to get drinks and get in line to wait for the doors to open. Once in, we get more drinks and get as close to the stage as possible and wait for the opening band to play. Elkland, the opening band, is a Killers-esque band from upstate NY. Pretty good. I liked their cover of the Cranberries "Salvation" and the lead singers' toy soldier-like movements. Also, the drummer was totally hot and looked like he would be really good in bed.

Elkland finishes and the wait begins for Erasure to take the stage. The house lights dim and the stage lights brighten and the music starts and the black curtain falls. Andy Bell is in all white with white wings, Vince Clark behind his keyboards in a snazzy suit, and 2 back-up "faeries."

They played everything you could want them to, including my two favorite songs "Blue Savannah" and "Always." It was an amazing show and everyone was signing along.

There was some drama on the floor, too with pushing and even a fight. AT AN ERASURE CONCERT! Security had to interview. There was more violence at this show than any of the angry-straight-boy summer festivals that I have been to.

When we left, I had to fill my tire with air, again, and we went to get some pizza at Pizza Joe's off of I Drive (which was really gross, I don't recommend it). We got back to Gainesville in the 2 o'clock hour singing B-52's, Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation, and The Immaculate Collection. We sped down Archer singing Like A Prayer, and I made the turn onto 13th to take Adam home. A few blocks down and lights are flashing and University Police Department is pulling me over. The cop comes over and very nicely starts talking, asking where we are coming from ("Oh" he says, when I said Orlando) and asks the "Do you know why I pulled you over" line. "I Guess I was speeding, Officer?" So, he takes my driver's license, registration, and (not so current) proof of insurance (which is current, I just didn't have the new proof in my car). So, I begin to pray to Madonna (and God) that he just gives me a warning because I was going 51 in a 35 and 49 in a 30 on Archer and 13th, respectively. The cop comes back (and I have to say, he was really nice the whole time) and says he is only giving me a warning for the speeding but a sitation for not carrying up-to-date proof of insurance.

Thank Madonna!

So, all I have to do is take my new insurance cards to the courthouse and pay $7.50!

Oh! and my tire was dead flat the next morning and I had to get a new one.

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Kiddo78 said...

Thank Madonna - ha!! I've heard of Erasure, but don't know if I know of any of their songs. I'm so bad about knowing music...