A friend of mine has just sent me a CD Mix with a track representative for each year of her life starting with 1st Grade. I thought this was a great idea and proceeded to make mine. Much of the absence from posting was caused by this creation.

My track listing, starting with Kindergarten, is as follows:

High on a Mountain Top Loretta Lynn
Connection Elastica
Love Plus One Haircut 100
Our House Madness
You’re One Imperial Teen
Buggin’ Flaming Lips
Lullaby The Cure
Hey Jupiter Tori Amos
Comfortably Numb Scissor Sisters
Disarm Smashing Pumpkins
Losing My Religion R.E.M.
Cherub Rock Smashing Pumpkins
I Wanna Be a Homosexual Screeching Weasel
Finest Worksong REM
Wrapped Up in Books Belle and Sebastian
I Love My Car Belle and Sebastian
Dreams The Cranberries
Mississippi Paula Cole
Seeing Other People Belle and Sebastian
Haunted Poe
I Dreamt I Was an Architect The Decemberists
The District Sleeps Alone Tonight The Postal Service
The Good Life Weezer
Homesick Kings of Convenience

Feel free to construct my possible life occurrences and get back to me. It would be fun to see what kind of character develops.

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Kiddo78 said...

Finally back!

I'm guessing your family moved to a new house in 3rd grade (9); you quit going to church and/or believing in your religion in 9th grade (15); you came out in 12th grade (18); serious student at 20; new car at 21; went to Mississippi at 23; went back to school to be an architect at 26; started a new life at 28 and missed home at 29. How'd I do??

Last year, I made a CD for each of my siblings with the #1 songs from milestone dates of their lives. For instance, the #1 song the day they were born; turned 10; turned 13; turned 16; married, etc., etc. It took FOREVER!