Subway Conversations

Gainesville, March 2005: Today, I went to a local SUBWAY® Restaurant to get a Veggie Delight (foot long on whole wheat with provolone, mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, black olives, and salt and pepper). Being that I live in a college town, there was a young blonde couple in front of me (hers was dyed). As the girl was ordering, the guy kept leaning over to kiss her. I see this often in this town, kissing at inappropriate times. I always chalk it up to insecurity, not love. This conversation between them ensued:

"Could you please cut that into thirds?" the girl asked the SUBWAY® Sandwich Artist.
The SUBWAY® Sandwich Artist simple replied, "Sure."
The boyfriend then interjected in a tone with which to belittle his girlfriend, "Why do you get it cut into thirds that is so annoying. God."
The girlfriend retorted without being confrontational, "It is easier to eat and you can save part of it if you need to."
"That is so stupid. Why would anyone do that?" the boyfriend says, obviously annoyed that his girlfriend was not mortified he had mentioned her idiosyncracy.
The girlfriend the said, in a mesmerizingly, commanding tone only the most important woman in you life uses to get what she wants, "Get yours cut into thirds, too."
"Could you cut that into thirds, too, please." the boyfriend, crestfallen, said to the SUBWAY® Sandwich Artist.
"Sure." he smiled.

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Erik said...

I love that.

When they paid, I would have winked at her and made the hand motion of cracking a whip, making sure he did not see me.