Mouth's Cradle Revisted

This morning, I woke up and set up my laptop at the dining table like most of my days I plan to do school work at home. As a student apartment, I say it is efficient. Most others would say it is small. It is a two bedroom apartment and besides the two bedrooms, everything else is one room. At the front door there is the kitchen to the right and my bedroom to the left. Walk a few feet further, past the half-wall partition of the kitchen and you "enter" the dining area and the "living room." My roommates room is to the left.

So, I am set-up in the middle of my apartment, where I can see everything. I turned on the television to watch The Ellen Degeneres Show and sat down to start working. As I checked emails and created lines through clicks on AutoCAD, I glanced over to the television and caught some movement out of the corner of my eye outside the window. My back window faces a wooded, swampy natural preservation. I sat watching for a few seconds wondering what these little particles were that were zooming about. I ruled out that it was leaves caught in a whirlwind, so I go up and walked the ten feet or so to the window and looked out.

BEES! Thousands of them were swarming outside the window. My window has been open for a while, as the weather has been great, so I sometimes feel that I am outside while in my apartment. I tried to see what they were swarming, but couldn't tell as they were at such a close proximity to the building. So, I decided that the best thing to do would be to go outside and around the building to check things out further.

At the back corner of the building I looked around and was confronted with the bulk of the swarming bees about fifteen feet away with a few stagglers closer. I turned abruptly and walked back into my apartment to call the leasing office. When Mary picked up, I told her what was going on and she said that she would notify maintenance.

Fifteen to twenty minutes went by and the bees were calming down. They seemed to have created a hive in one of the air-conditioning units outside and the only explaination to the swarm was that it was finally just warm enough for someone's air-conditioning to come on causing the fan to start and upset the bees.

A little bit later I heard the maintenace workers outside spraying them. I didn't bother looking to see what they were spraying them with or whether they may have been wearing protection.

I heard them saying that it was the most bees they had ever seen. I just thought to myself that I have seen more.

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